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Foxy’s Flag Football Rules

  • 2-25 minutes halves (running clock with 2 minute warnings at each half pro style
  • Must wear uniform
  • Shirt must be tucked in
  • Flags must be property of Foxy’s Amateur Sports
  • 6 players on offense; 6 on defense
  • Field is 40 yards wide, 80 yards long, 10 yard end zones
  • Offensive linemen must be on line of scrimmage (must have at least two receivers)
  • Wide receiver must be on line of scrimmage
  • Quarterback has to be within 10 yards of line of scrimmage
  • Quarterback self snaps the ball from behind center
  • Quarterback can only run if he is rushed
  • Offense is allowed one man in motion
  • Offense cannot run the ball up the middle, must stay outside tackle box
  • Play starts and ends with whistle (40 seconds between plays)
  • Markers on field represent first downs (20 yard increments)
  • If player with the ball hands touch the ground, elbow, or knee, he is down.
  • Cannot lead with shoulder or head.
  • Defense must line up someone in front of center.
  • Defense can only rush quarterback if they line up in front of a defense player.
  • Defense does not have to rush passer.
  • Defense cannot strip ball.
  • Defense can line up in formation, but can only rush passer if on line of scrimmage in front of offensive player.
  • Extra point 5 yards, 1 point, 10 yards, 2 points.
  • No diving to advance ball, where he leaves ball will be placed.  
  • Illegal contact with receiver, 5 yards, 1st down.
  • Inadvertent whistle, at the time of such, the team with possession has the option of replaying the down or result of play.
  • Neutral zone will be marked with 24” rope.
PUNTING:  punting is allowed but MUST BE CALLED
  • Ball on punt can be returned
  • A  muffed punt is dead ball and remains with offense
  • Offense can stop the ball from rolling
  • Offense allowed one man in motion
  • Ball just needs to touch goal line for score
  • Must catch ball with one foot in bounds
  • Punter must be within ten yards.  Same rule as QB
  • 6 on 1 rule
    • Punting team stays on the field and receiving team sends out 1 returner for the return
    • Player must catch the ball in the air to return
    • If ball punted hits the ground ball is dead where it is touched
  • Team will start with ball on 15 yd line
  • 3 opportunities for 1st  downs
  • If quarterback pitches or laterals ball to another eligible receiver, the quarterback then becomes eligible
  • If ball is fumbled it is a dead ball and the offense maintains possession
  • If ball is fumbled behind line of scrimmage, the ball is marked at spot it was fumbled
  • If a player catches ball without flags, he is down where it is caught
  • Teams will have 1 play 4th and 25 to get the ball back. if not successful the ball is turned over where it is advanced to. This play cannot be returned by defense.
  • Interceptions can be returned
  • Defense must block above the waste

Rules Continued

  • 2 POINTS
  • Blocking below the waist 15 yds.
  • Fighting 15 yds (Ejection) 1st down
  • Defense holding, 10 yds, automatic 1st down
  • Offensive holding, 10 yds, replay down
  • Illegal formation offense, 10 yds.
  • Illegal formationdefense if rush, 10 yds
  • Stopping 15 yds, 1st down (possible ejection)
  • Runs up the middle, 10 yds
  • Illegal motion, 5 yds
  • False start, 5 yds
  • QB running without rush, 5 yds
  • Blocker not in front of QB, 5 yds
  • Intentional grounding, 10 yds, loss of down
  • Still arm, 15 yds
  • Hands to the face, 15 yds
  • Throwing to ineligible receivers, 10 yds
  • QB moving before snap, 5 yds
  • Tackling, 15 yds
  • Lowering head or shoulder, offense, 15 yds, loss of down
  • No taunting, 15 yds, (possible ejections)
  • Flag guarding (spot foul, 10 yds from spot)
  • Tampering with flags, 15 yds, ejection
  • Tripping, 15 yds
  • Pass interference offense, 15 yds
  • Defense interference,10 yds and 1st down
  • Removing flags before player has ball is 15 yd penalty and 1st down.  If there is no one between player and goal, TD.
  • During regular season overtime will be college rules with each team getting two possessions.  If tied after 1 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­possession each game will end tie
  • Playoffs will be sudden death 20 minute half and if tie remains, college rules for overtime will apply
  • The LEAGUE will not tolerate any fighting AT ALL.  Punches, kicks, or altercations that result in any violence, will result in ejections, penalties and possible fines.
*Arguing could lead to possible ejections.