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Rochester Indoor Wiffle Ball

Foxy’s Amateur Sports – Indoor Wiffle Ball League

  • Ten weeks starting week of October 9th
  • Ending week of December 11th• 8:30-10:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night leagues forming
  • 5 on 5 wiffle ball
  • Three twenty minute games per night or six innings, whichever comes first
  • Four teams per night
  • Thirty games total
  • T-shirts provided
  • $800.00 per team ($16.00 a week per player)

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Indoor Field Diagram

Indoor Field:
  • 42 ft. Pitching line
  • 45 ft.1 pt. line
  • 55 ft. 2 pt. line
  • 65 ft. 3 pt. line
  • Nets and ceiling are live
  • Strike zone 24 x 30 inches

Indoor Wiffle Ball Rules

  • 4 balls is a walk – 1 point 
  • If you get HBP twice in a bat, walk 1 point
  • Past the 45 ft. line, 1 point
  • Past the 55 ft. line, 2 points
  • Past the 65 ft. line, 3 points
  • Ball hits the skirt by the 55 pt. Line in air, 4 points (even if caught)

Outs: Ball does not need to be fielded cleanly on the ground
  • 3 strikes, batter
  • 2 fouls , batter
  • Swearing, batter
  • Touching the ball with your hands from a pitch.
  • If the ball is hit between the plate and the 45 ft. line, it is an out if it stops or
  • Ball caught in the air or off the ceiling or sides anywhere on the field except off the four point skirt.
  • 3 outs per inning
  • Throwing the bat is an automatic out.
Time of Game:
  • 20 min. game or five innings (at the end of 20 minutes whatever the score is, that will be the final score).

General Rules:

  • Pitchers must pitch from rubber.
  • If you change pitchers, he is done for the game and cannot re-enter.
  • Hitters cannot be in front of strike zone if they are hit by a pitch it will be a strike.
  • Fielders, there must be at least one fielder in each zone on the field.
  • Players = 6
  • Teams must have a batting order and keep it the entire game.