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Wiffle Ball League in Rochester, NY

Foxy’s Amateur Sports – 2012 Wiffle Ball League

Location: Carter Park
Game Times: Thursdays (May 10th-June 28th) 6:00-7:30 pm

  • 24 Games
  • 3 Games per night
  • 5 innings or 30 minutes game
  • Games will have officials
  • League Champs will receive trophies

$450.00 per team

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Outdoor Field Diagram

Outdoor Field:

  • 42 ft. Pitching line
  • 6 ft. Foul line
  • 45 ft.1 pt. line
  • 55 ft. 2 pt. line
  • 65 ft. 3 pt. line
  • 85 ft. 4 pt. line

Outdoor Wiffle Ball Rules

  • 4 Balls is a walk = 1 pt.
  • Hit Batter twice in an at bat = 1 pt.
  • 45 ft. = 1 pt.
  • 55 ft. = 2 pts.
  • 65 ft. = 3 pts.
  • 85 ft. = 4 pts.

(Points are awarded if it is on or beyond the lines if not caught in the air.)
If fielder carries a ground ball beyond any point line backwards to or beyond lines, the team is awarded the line the defense carries it to.  
Defense should continue to try to stop the ball to prevent more points from being scored.

  • Ball does not need to be fielded cleanly on the ground
  • 3 strikes, batter out
  • 2 Fouls after 3 strikes
  • Throwing bat, batter out
  • Touching the ball with your hands from pitcher, batter out
  • Hitting the ball back to pitcher, batter out
  • If the ball is hit beyond six ft. line, but before 45 ft line, batter is out
  • Ball hitting strike zone is a strike
  • Ball fouled off the strike zone or back stop is dead ball
  • 3 outs per inning
Time of Game:
  • 30 minutes or 5 innings whichever comes first. The score at the end of 30 minutes, is the final score
General Rules:
  • Pitchers must pitch from rubber.
  • Fielders must play at least even with pitcher, not in front of
  • If a player touches a ball in fair territory beyond the 45 ft. line and it goes foul and it is not caught in the air, points will be awarded from area it was touched.
  • Teams consist of five players but no less than three
  • Batting order must stay the same the entire game
  • If you change pitchers, pitcher is done for the game and cannot re-enter
  • There is absolutely no alcoholic beverages, drugs or tobacco allowed at games
  • Games are official after three innings are completed
  • There is a no run rule
  • Teams may have up to ten players on roster, only five can play in a game. There is no substituting. If there is an injury during the game, you will be allowed to skip that player in the batting order without penalty. If a player is ejected, then his or her place will be an out each time that batter is up.
  • Team names need to be clean.
  • Each team will have a manager that communicates with the league
  • Ages 18 years and up/men and women eligible to play